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Servo Press

Supplies individual customized solutions for a multitude of applications in rough industrial conditions, from only the assembly presses themselves to complete universal single workstations. The single workstations are particularly suitable for small and medium-scale series production or prototype manufacturing, and offer extremely flexible application options

  1. Integrated force-distance monitoring ensures optimal quality assurance for every assembled part
  2. Numerical control eliminates the need for mechanical stops and adjustments to control valves
  3. Fast type change within seconds
  4. Precision due to solid structural components 
  5. Highest positioning accuracy and repeatability across the entire stroke of the press
  6. Modular system design enables individual customized workstations
  7. High level of operating comfort thank to short distances for insertion operations
  8. Extensive range of accessories
  9. Supplied with CE declaration of conformity
All workstations are numerically controlled, autonomous stations of highest precision. They are equipped with integrated force-distance monitoring and thus ensure optimal quality assurance for each joined part. The measuring data is analyzing real-time and thus the results are immediately available for use during the running production